Friday, June 11, 2010

the wall, comma, hitting it.

two weeks ago today, i hit the wall.

i spent much of may playing at being everything to everybody

except for me.

thought i'd just power through.

even though we teach our children

actions have consequences -

good choices beget good ones,

bad begets bad -

thought i'd just power through.

powered at high speed smack into the rock-solid wall.

scary, utterly debilitating, blinding migraine.

24 hours down for the count.


note to self:

next time you're amped waaay up

& think you'll just power through,

pause ...

pause & remember the rest of the story:

i'll just power through

& i will pay.

i'll just power through &

i. will. pay.

to observe the two-week anniversary

of may 2010's wall hit & what i learned,

i will now
go to bed.


image source: boby dimitrov

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