Saturday, June 26, 2010

a.m. alarm.

awoke saturday morning to sobbing little boy.

big blowup with his big sister.
"i don't feel like i can live at our house anymore."

of course, he called her stupid first.
& drew a picture of her as half-her, half-monster.

she called him stupid second.
& told him his was evil.

he said she messed with his stuff.
she said he threw his stuff at her.

hurt feelings spilled all over the place.
self-righteousness smeared everywhere.

& here i was wondering how to spend my saturday.

off to print "ten things i love about my sibling" lists
for them to complete at breakfast.

so they can redirect their disgust with one another
at mom. common enemy is a proven connector.

just another day, taking one for the team. ;)

image source: foros de foroche

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