Thursday, June 24, 2010

76?? looks like seventy-sexy to me.

i confess: i'm not a huge stephen colbert watcher.
but i am a huge reader.
& i think gloria steinem is the bomb.

so yesterday, salon writer tracy clark-flory posted a little something about gloria steinem's recent visit to "the colbert report."

here's the part of the post that got me to watch the video:

as for feminism's supposed triumph over men, colbert asked: "are you happy that women have won?" steinem shot back with obvious amusement: "the idea was never victory and defeat. the whole idea was, you should pardon the expression, equality - that we're actual human beings & that was it. i know it sounds radical, but that was it."

& here's the video - it's an extremely entertaining exchange, well worth the watch-time, even if just for the shock & awe that is ms. steinem @ 76yo.

she's still the bomb.
& still a bombshell, apparently.

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