Thursday, June 10, 2010

celebrate the everyday - june.

i'm a little slow splashing into summer ...
but slow is what summertime's all about.

for me.

for now.

it's june, 2010. how will you celebrate being a woman?

june 8world oceans day
maybe honor it with a moment of silence?

june 12loving day
celebrate the right to wed whomever we love.

june 17recess at work day
i don't know why we ever quit having recess ...
or three months of summer vacation.

june 21summer solstice
the longest day, from 6:28 a.m. to 8:26 p.m. CDT.
hello, summer!!

june 23let it go day
just for today, why not?

june 25take your dog to work day
i'm blessed to get to celebrate this every day,
& it makes a [positive] difference!!

june 26 - full moon [the strawberry moon]
or maybe the firefly moon? click through to help
rename the full moons of 2010 ...

remember, where there is connection, there is power.
where there is power, there is hope for change. for ourselves, & for our world.
we are all connected. we are all powerful.

until my next post, be well, be happy & be hopeful.

image source: ffffound!

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