Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh, sandy.

it happened ten days ago, but i can't let it go unmentioned.

in the bizarro world of hollywood celebrity, imploding or exploding lives are everyday, garden-variety happenings.

lying. cheating. addiction. exhibitionism. petty crime. murder. what-have-you, they've got it.

it's a veritable smorgasbord of bad behavior. bad choices exacerbated by bad handling.

so when a star deals with such a situation with
grace & humor & actual good decision-making,
it's so incredibly rare, you've just got to applaud it.

as ever, i heart sandra bullock.

she finally emerged from her months-long self-imposed exile -

following her husband's highly public emotional gunning down
with a nazi-sympathizing skank as his weapon of choice

- for her first public appearance, at the spike tv guys choice awards.

she received the troops choice entertainer of the year award,
voted on by members of the u.s. military.

she looked stunning in a fitted black leather dress, cartier jewels & flowing locks.

& she behaved even better than she looked.
if you haven't seen her acceptance speech, you should:

her courageous self-deprecating humor,
her graciousness & grace,
her gratitude & groundedness & prioritization.
her beauty, inside & out.

color me awed.
amazing is the best revenge.

image source: huffington post

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