Wednesday, July 29, 2009

or maybe it's both.

"It is not joy that
makes us grateful.

It is gratitude that
makes us joyful."

- Brother David Steindl-Rast, Austrian theologian -

Monday, July 27, 2009

monday morning gratitudes.

Happy Monday morning message from the universe:

Have faith & release fear of loss or lack; there is an abundance of everything!
Embrace abundance; expect prosperity.

So here's me, embracing abundance via thankfulness:

Grateful for my uber-abundance of work projects.

Grateful for my clients' patience.

Grateful for having some money in the bank.

Grateful for little boy's seemingly speedy recovery from middle-of-the-night vomiting.

Grateful for big girl's little wave goodbye as she left for Nature Camp, which I choose to interpret as "I love you, Mom."

Grateful for husband's understanding, concern & interference-running with kids in light of my currently wacky workload.

Grateful for working appliances & electronics.

Grateful for friends who want to spend time with me.

Grateful for friends who understand why I can't spend time with them at the moment.

Grateful for summertime, even though it's the hottest one ever (no exaggeration).

Grateful for a tough workout.

Grateful for a cool swimming pool.

Grateful for our trampoline.

Grateful for relative health & well-being (mine & my loved ones). 

Grateful for good dogs (& The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan).

Grateful for Phineas & Ferb.

Grateful for tonight's dramatic finale of The Bachelorette (go, Ed!).

Grateful for a teensy shimmer of a light at what I assume may be the end of a long, long tunnel.

Grateful for a new day.

Monday, July 20, 2009

the summer of 42.

Good birthday yesterday.

Beautiful necklace. Happy pitcher. Sweet sheep.

Tons of well wishes from friends [dozens via Facebook - gotta love it!].

Taquitos breakfast. Home visit by friends w/baby. Jammies until 2p. Got some things done. Disappointing grocery store visit (pharmacy closed, dangit). Tex-Mex supper w/two frozen margaritas [woot!]. Family dancing, bouncing & "bali ball" (Will's iteration of volleyball). Gifts. A little Sunday evening overwhelm. Laundry folding. Brownies.

Good day. Good life.

Monday morning, trying to ramp it up & dial it down at the same time. Trying to organize & roll with it. List list list & que sera sera. Produce & breathe.

It's a delicate balance.

But remember: the tightrope is easier to walk one teensy step at a time.

So be present. Eat the lunch.

Good week, everybody!!  :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

almost done with forty-one.

For three more days, I'll be singing:

It's not my birthday,
And I'm not a whole year older,
Not my birthday -
How lucky can I be?
I woke up this morning,
I was not a whole year older,
So happy not-my-birthday to me!!

Ralph's World from the album The Rhyming Circus

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello, tuesday.

Tuesday Weld & Elvis Presley, "Wild in the Country" 1961

OK, I - unlike the rest of the world, apparently - feel ten days of MJ up at the top-post position on my blog is tribute enough.

Enough, already.

So, in the spirit of moving on, here's where I'm at today . . .

Today, I'm grateful for ten days off, summery memories, dry land,my new hat & our Tempurpedic bed.

Today, I'm peaceful, rather than full of dread, re: my waiting workload.

Today, I'm practicing uni-tasking in an effort to keep out overdrive & its even eviler twin, overwhelm.

Today, I'm happy to be home, alone.

Today, I'm catching up online & sending out invoices.

Today, I'm smiling at our new trampoline.

Today, I'm taking my daughter for her annual eye doc appointment.

Today, I'm sorry I let my PMS affect our travel time together as a family.

Today, I'm giving everyone around here extra affection, appreciation & love.

Today, I'm wishing I had another week off just to do stuff around the house.

Today, I'm 41 for 5 more days.

Today, life is good.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

only in america.

Happy Independence Day.

MJ @ United We Stand benefit concert, Washington, DC, 2001.
Now, finally free.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


we're in the dog days now - a time to question why it's so dang hot, among other things . . .

ask for help.
ask for what you want.
ask for clarity.
ask what's next.
ask for some space.
ask for a hug.
ask why not.
ask for directions.
ask for a tall, cool drink.
ask for a refill.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

celebrate the everyday - july.

It's July, 2009. How will you celebrate being a woman?

July 7 - Chocolate Day, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day & Full moon [the Buck or Thunder Moon]
July 13 - Gruntled Workers Day
July 19 - National Ice Cream Day [& my birthday!!]
July 20 - National Hug Your Kids Day
July 23 - Gorgeous Grandma Day
July 26 - One Voice Day, Parents' Day
July 30 - Cheesecake Day

Remember, where there is connection, there is power.
Where there is power, there is hope for change. For ourselves, and for our world.
We are all connected. We are all powerful.

Until my next post, be well, be happy & be hopeful.