Tuesday, July 14, 2009

hello, tuesday.

Tuesday Weld & Elvis Presley, "Wild in the Country" 1961

OK, I - unlike the rest of the world, apparently - feel ten days of MJ up at the top-post position on my blog is tribute enough.

Enough, already.

So, in the spirit of moving on, here's where I'm at today . . .

Today, I'm grateful for ten days off, summery memories, dry land,my new hat & our Tempurpedic bed.

Today, I'm peaceful, rather than full of dread, re: my waiting workload.

Today, I'm practicing uni-tasking in an effort to keep out overdrive & its even eviler twin, overwhelm.

Today, I'm happy to be home, alone.

Today, I'm catching up online & sending out invoices.

Today, I'm smiling at our new trampoline.

Today, I'm taking my daughter for her annual eye doc appointment.

Today, I'm sorry I let my PMS affect our travel time together as a family.

Today, I'm giving everyone around here extra affection, appreciation & love.

Today, I'm wishing I had another week off just to do stuff around the house.

Today, I'm 41 for 5 more days.

Today, life is good.

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