Monday, July 20, 2009

the summer of 42.

Good birthday yesterday.

Beautiful necklace. Happy pitcher. Sweet sheep.

Tons of well wishes from friends [dozens via Facebook - gotta love it!].

Taquitos breakfast. Home visit by friends w/baby. Jammies until 2p. Got some things done. Disappointing grocery store visit (pharmacy closed, dangit). Tex-Mex supper w/two frozen margaritas [woot!]. Family dancing, bouncing & "bali ball" (Will's iteration of volleyball). Gifts. A little Sunday evening overwhelm. Laundry folding. Brownies.

Good day. Good life.

Monday morning, trying to ramp it up & dial it down at the same time. Trying to organize & roll with it. List list list & que sera sera. Produce & breathe.

It's a delicate balance.

But remember: the tightrope is easier to walk one teensy step at a time.

So be present. Eat the lunch.

Good week, everybody!!  :)

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