Saturday, June 26, 2010

afternoon respite.

why i love my sibling.
by big girl [11yo].

1. he keeps me company.

2. he plays with me.

3. he's my brother.

4. he's a good drawer [draw-er].

5. he's funny.

6. he's creative.

7. he's thoughtful.

8. he notices things.

9. he's ticklish.

10. he's interested in what i do.

why i love my sibling.
by little boy [7yo].

1. she gives me stuff.

2. she likes animals.

3. she makes good friends.

4. she rites good.

5. she draws good.

6. she is preaty.

7. she likes hourses.

8. she likes one of are dogs named daisy & she likes are other dog named kirdy [kirby].

9. she likes scooby doo!

10. she does not like pink [meaning she's different from typical girls].

written out. read aloud. sealed with tickling & squealing.
mission accomplished ... for now. :)

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Diana said...

Love that -- especially #1 - she gives me stuff!!! Out of the mouths of babes! So sweet - did we need a little reminding lesson or was this just a cute idea you had?