Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pants of wonder.

aging myself: my wonder woman is & forever will be lynda carter, circa 1976.

but the wonder woman comic character has actually been around since - wow - 1941.

& at 69 years young, ww has just gotten her first real makeover.

for decades, the superheroine has, against all odds, battled evil clad in a strapless top, hot pants and go-go boots.

impractical at best. spectacularly sexist at worst.

this week, the new wonder woman #600 debuts new, more urban & urbane costuming for the amazon warrior, courtesy of dc comics co-publisher and artist jim lee - including a jacket & long, fitted, black pants.
new series writer j. michael straczynski notes the versatility of the new ensemble:
"she can close it up to pass unnoticed ... open it for the freedom to fight ... lose the jacket or keep it ... it has pockets, it can be accessorized."

& for diana prince purists, many of ww's essential accessories remain: her tiara, bullet-bouncing bracelets & all-important magic lasso.

no mention is made among the media materials of her invisible airplane - my personal favorite accessory.

but hey, steve trevor, heads up - it's finally going to be clear to the world who wears the pants in your goddess-mere mortal relationship.

image sources:, reuters

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Susan K. Morrow said...

Oh, the nostalgia! I had totally forgotten how much I loved the show! I'm not sure how I feel about Wonder Woman donning pants, even sexy skin-tight ones. But then, I guess we all must evolve--as long as she is not wearing them to hide--gasp! cellulite!