Tuesday, June 22, 2010

this & that.

off line for a handful of days for

a quick sister visit
a happy father's day
some new work projects.

& the life is good.


i'm all about austin's myriad crepe myrtle trees, crazy busting-out-all-over blossoming.

i'm inspired by our l - o - n - g days [particularly twilight time] & the cobalt/white grecian palette of the neighborhood pool - giant circusy umbrellas above the tables, shading. little triangle flags strung across the pool, flapping. the sky polka-dotted with sparse, fluffy clouds, floating.

i'm way into coloring. reading. napping. bird radio. homemade snocones. toy story 3.

i'm happy i'm going to hawai'i with my big sister - 22 days.

i'm struggling with being a good wife, a bad money manager, & a cancelled beach trip.

big girl is riding this week, writing next week.

little boy is a penguin now, a dolphin later.

sayonara, seventies.
hello, sunshine.

image source: foot slogger

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