Sunday, October 31, 2010

what's in a name? [what's in this brassiere?]

my middle name is leigh.

it was a fairly unusual name
at the time i was given it,
so i spent my childhood

either correcting people's
pronunciation of it ["lee,"
not "lay" or "lay-uh"],

or denying it was for
the actress vivan leigh
[miss scarlett], &

explaining it was for
the actress janet leigh,

best known for
1) playing the real-life role
of mother to actress jamie lee curtis,
who played the memorable role
of laurie strode,
the stalked babysitter in
john carpenter's halloween,


2) playing the memorable role
of marion crane,
the embezzling secretary
& infamous shower-scene victim in
alfred hitchcock's psycho.

no wonder i enjoy spooky stuff so much -
it's practically my middle name.

[& ms. leigh's psycho underthings, above?
seriously scary. am i right, ladies?]

happy hallowe'en!!

image source: that obscure object


iggee said...

Leigh is my daughter's middle name, too... spelled exactly the same way. =)

kriscard said...

steph ... why didn't i remember that? i must say, i like my middle name -- much like my first name, it's a little unusual without being crazy. :)