Wednesday, October 27, 2010

'tis the season.

on one hand, i,
like you, i suspect,
loathe when it
begins to look a lot
like christmas
even before hallowe'en.

on the other hand,
i much prefer to
get a jump on the holidays earlier
rather than
have the holidays
jumping up & down on my skull later.

which is how i became
a christmas binder person.

yep. each year about this time
i begin putting my binder together,
complete with tabbed & pocketed dividers
[this week | priorities | gifts | home |
eats | cards | traditions | new year]
& printable forms to complete,
courtesy of my christmas binder guru,
cynthia ewer of

i discovered the "oc" about five years ago,
& began following ewer's christmas countdown plan.
the countdown begins six weeks before december 1,
& ends on 12.1, in order to give you the whole
month of december to just enjoy the holiday season
[or, in my case, to give me the whole
month of december to complete the countdown stuff
i haven't quite gotten around to just yet].

over the years, i've shaped the countdown
to fit my family's holiday
[gift closet inventory? yes.
"black friday" holiday sales planner? uh, no.],
but i still follow the basic countdown.

each week has a theme -
get organized | reality check | gifts & giving |
get cooking | decorate | celebrate -
with accompanying checklists, printable forms
& tip-filled, thought-provoking articles to read.

the site is delightfully comprehensive,
which is one of my favorite things about it -
stuff doesn't slip through the cracks of
jingle-bells-ringing-in-my-ears ...

& my other favorite thing about
it's *f.r.e.e.*
yep, checklists, forms, articles -
the whole holiday tamale
is available for the sampling,
&, if you likey, then help yourself
to the santa-fied organizational smorgasbord.

so, how do you keep it all organized during
the most wonderful time of the year?
& if your answer is some sort of snort
of preposterocity, then you might want to
join me, &
embrace the binder.

think pink:
paul ecke ranch & north carolina state university's horticulture department are working together to develop a pink poinsettia which will bloom earlier in the season - in october rather than december - to help honor & promote breast-cancer awareness month. click here to read all about it.

image sources: the container storenature & flower wallpaper


Diana said...

Oh, you know I'm with you. But I have my own spreadsheets and notebooks of my own making. And on Monday, after the garage sale, Spurs ga,e & neighborhood Halloween partu here at the house, it all comes out. Organizers unite!

kriscard said...

hi, di ... not all of us can originate organizational systems like you do! but honestly, mine - though clearly based upon the oc countdown - become more & more personalized to us & our holiday each year! :)

Diana said...

Ha! You make it sound like something! It's just copying the same list every year. And not nearly as organized as yours, I guarantee ;-)

Susan K. Morrow said...

I had no idea! But I invented my own system years ago. It's fairly simple, just a folder with a calendar, gift lists (kept on the computer, then printed out in parts as needed), and all the receipts. I am very big on returns. My rule is, if you don't like it or it doesn't fit, take it back! This has worked for me forever; I just didn't know other people did anything like it!

kriscard said...

@skm - whatever works!! :)