Tuesday, October 12, 2010

season of change.

i can feel it coming.

some sort of seismic shift has begun
within the tectonic plates of my life.

with my body.
with my work.
with our [my husband's & my] creativity.
with our kids.
with our relationships.

it's like the universe just became bored
with the lovely little landscape of my
personal snowglobe,
has picked it up, & is about to start

so while the little flecks of white plastic & glitter
currently covering the foundation of my life
still lay fairly undisturbed, i feel the need
to document what it looks like & why
it looks good to me just the way it is.

10 things i love about my life today.

1. seeing my husband perform. he's a musician, a singer/songwriter/rhythm-guitarist with a band of over 30yo. i fell for him as a fan, & still thrill watching him up on stage & listening to his plummy voice. *swoon.*

2. big girl's crunchiness. our almost-12yo vegetarian/environmentalist/animal activist. her granola tendencies can be trying & tiring, but you can't deny her well-developed sense of justice & compassion.

3. little boy's eye. our 7.5yo artiste. he checked out an all-dog version of cinderella at the library last week, & upon first seeing the canine princess in her ballgown ensemble [thanks to her fairy dogmother], his assessment: "the dress is pretty, but the hat's just too much." hello, project runway?

4. my dog sentinels. our pups sit directly behind me almost all day long, alternately gazing out my office window & alerting me to potential dangers [a neighborhood cat, the ups guy, etc.], or napping soundly. they're super cute.

5. my cheerleading squad. my recent entry to become a national ivoice for ivillage didn't make the grade [boo!], but i discovered how much & many people around me think i'm amazing & believe in me [yay!]. huge slab o' awesome.

6. the weather. we're actually experiencing an autumn season for austin, which is practically unknown in this below-the-mason-dixon-belt section of the country. long britches in september? get out! [& we have been.]

7. our family routines. rituals & traditions we do now that sadly won't last forever ... weekend whataburger breakfasts, duck pond visits, playing bat-&-ball, the family bed, themed hallowe'en costumes.

8. my three words. my almost daily status update on facebook almost always begins, "my three words for today:", & it's become rather a trademark for me. i like it. [see? three words.]

9. our home. is big, beautiful, full, comfortable, sometimes messy, often with disorganized spots, a work in progress. [i've read that the way you describe your home is reflective of your inner life ... so, how do you describe your home??]

10. the anticipation. something's coming ... something good? as scary as looming change may be, i may be ready for a smidge of 'new', a little shakeup. just be gentle with us, please, universe. shake with care.

think pink:
if you read your sunday funnies religiously like i do, then you probably noted many of the comics had been pinkwashed last sunday, 10.10.10. the rose-colored panels were part of cartoonists care!, a movement by more than fifty king features' cartoonists to observe breast-cancer awareness month.

the accompanying website, comicsgopink.com, offers an opportunity to contribute to one of eight breast-cancer organizations, or to bid for an original drawing.

image source: corbisimages.com


Susan K. Morrow said...

Love this! I love the things about your life that you love. And I often find myself "counting my blessings"--it lifts my spirits and helps me not to dwell on the negative.

I'd like to add, don't fear the change. This has been a looong year of change for most people, much of it very radical change (my life, to wit--ahem), but it's necessary. Why? Ushering in the new, the better, the more effective, the most-fabulous requires that old methods and ways of thinking and doing get cleared out.

It's been somewhat painful for me, to be sure, and for many many people I've talked to. A tough year. But the great news is that a) it will be over sooner than later and b) it will leave behind a shiny new happier time for most of us. The secret is not to resist. That's right, go with the flow. And count your blessings!

kriscard said...

hey, suzy.q ... thanks for your thoughts, & for your reassurance. one change i am rather worried about is the ones that may be coming november 2nd ... got any good vibes at all to share about that?? ;)