Friday, October 1, 2010

think pink.

ok, so rather than my typical "celebrate the everyday"
wacky-holidays-of-the-month post for the first,
i'm honoring this month - national breast-cancer awareness month
by reminding you, dear readers, throughout the month to

think pink.

your first-&-foremost reminder: the in-the-pink color change of my blog!
isn't it just so la-vie-en-rose? [love that edith piaf torch song.]

at the close of my every october post, i'll include an item
intended to bring to mind for a moment what women are
"celebrating" all month long -
healthy breasts, if you've got 'em;
your good health, if you've got it; or
still being here, just as you are.

so, in addition to my new girly colorway,
here's a little friday fun for you ...
definitely pink. definitely girly.
definitely breast-friendly.

drift away for a couple of minutes with munchkin mila,
& have a wonderful weekend!!

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