Saturday, October 30, 2010

finding our beautiful.

one of my favorite bloggers,
kelly rae roberts,
has just had her first baby,
& today, she & her little family
are "finding [their] beautiful."

i read that, & thought,
i need to get me some of that.
finding our beautiful.

life around here has been
seriously roller-coaster-y

overall, it's good.
but lately, daily doses
of anxiety, overwhelm,
frustration, helplessness.

i can see us all wearing down.

so much stress makes
the beautiful much more
elusive than usual.

so today, the beautiful is

sleeping late.

opening windows.

completing costumes.

fixing the fence.

previewing holidays @ hallmark.

playing with trains.

revealing wisdom.

scary movies.

change your thoughts &
you change your world.
[norman vincent peale]

think pink:
ok, ok - giving football equal time: the nfl has been supporting breast-cancer awareness all month long with a special designation for october games, pregame & in-stadium initiatives, pink ribbon/nfl shield pins for coaches & game staff, team efforts &, of course, plenty of nfl/pink ribbon fan gear for sale.

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