Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a dozen things about you @ twelve.

twelve years ago today,
my firstborn [aka, big girl]
was first born.

even though i know other
older & wiser mamas
will scoff,
this girl can't help it:

i feel a little old,
being the mom [no longer the mommy]
of an almost-teenager.

but it's not all about me.
it's all about you, big girl.

so here are a dozen things about you
as of 10.19.10.

today, you:

love the sea, dark chocolate &
boxy tees, just like mom.

hate being petite.

are a vegetarian.

are a little paranoid.

are reading the warriors series
[by erin hunt].

like to pay for things yourself.

sing super-loud behind closed doors,
believing you can't be heard.

prefer veggies over fruit
[& often have carrot sticks
for breakfast].

actually need a cami-bra,
& think you're too young
for romance.
[yes. yes, you are.]

still love your red specs
[the same pair since second grade].

still cry whenever you're
tired, hungry, overwhelmed,
confused, frustrated, upset
or otherwise distressed.

still listen to us.
[i know it's temporary,
but i like it.]

happy birthday, my pie.
what a blessing you are.

think pink:
h. gilbert welch, m.d., thinks our pink-thinking may be a little too rosy. "pursuing health, ironically, may require that we not pay too much attention to it," claims dr. welch. are we too aware of breast cancer? click here to read welch's list of breast-cancer concerns, put into perspective.

image source: usps.com


Diana said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful and yes, still a little bit little, girl. She'll love it!

scotty anderson said...

lovely thoughts (and congrats on raising a wonderful daughter).

You will, of course, traumatize her when she finds out you've discussed her need for a bra on the interwebs... still, what are parents for if not embarrassing their children.

kriscard said...

@Diana - thank you so much ... though i'm not sure at what age she'll "love" the mention of her cami-bra ... [read on]

@Scott - thank *you* so much for reading & especially for commenting ... & here's the best embarrassing-parent story i've heard lately: http://shaungroves.com/2010/09/and-this-reminds-me-of-that-bono-story/


ahufford said...

My big girl is about to turn 10 and I'm thankful for this reminder to savor where she is and who she is right now. Thank you!

kriscard said...

thank *you,* amy, for reading, for commenting & for your overall support. enjoy your big girl!! :)