Tuesday, January 8, 2013

now or never.

elvis presley celebrates his 78th birthday today . . . somewhere.

elvis was & is the hip-swiveling patron saint-slash-guardian angel
of my & my husband's courtship, especially while we lived
a couple of thousand miles apart.

it's a long story. but trust me, the king was there.

so we thankedhimverymuch by having an acoustic version of
"it's now or never" played just before "here comes the bride"
at our wedding. we knew E'd know it was intended in gratitude for him.

but all that is beside the point.
the point being, where have i been for two months?!?

here in the states, it's called the holidays.
mine were full. & joyful. & non-bloggily creative.
& for about four days, edgy.

like the edge of a file folder that just sliced your thumb.
or the sort of edgy that promotes eye-twitches.
& that segment was rough.

but the rest was rather merry, really.
& now i'm ready for bright.

so to 2013,
i extend a warm, open-armed, open-hearted welcome.
& i say, bring it.

bring the bright. the lucky. the shiny.
bring the creativity. the opportunity. the abundance.

bring it all. because i'm ready.
ready to love it all. ready to release the little
& embrace the big.

dreams. realizations. kudos.

ready to shine. ready to do. ready to blog.

it's not really now or never.
but i intend to make it now.
2013, i've got a feeling. & i feel good.

so happy birthday, elvis, wherever you are.

image source: joni james @ calligramorama.

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