Wednesday, January 23, 2013

just indulge me ... one more day.

my top six runners-up for the greatest moments
of the 57th presidential inauguration [in order of appearance]:

6. kelly clarkson [texan] wowing the crowd
with her *live* version of "my country 'tis of thee":

5. beautiful beyonce [texan], amazing as ever, delivering
our national anthem [lip-synch? who cares? look at her!]:

4. our first lady epically eye-rolling
at boehner's luncheon banter:

3. nbc's al roker getting a presidential thumbs-up
& a vice-presidential handshake during the inaugural parade:

2. big first sister malia obama hilariously photobombing
little first sister sasha's shot of their smooching parents:

1. jennifer hudson, doing right by the reverend al green
with her first-couple's-first-dance version of "let's stay together":

aaaand . . . my favorite moment of the 2013 inauguration?
the one captured at the top of the post —
president obama, as he exited the ceremony,
pausing & turning around to take a moment to take it all in.
"i want to take a look one more time," he said.
"i'm not going to see this again."

watch the video of it here.

image source: the white house.

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