Friday, January 18, 2013

different is beautiful.

i am sick.

not with the dreaded flu that's so widespread,
thank goodness.

just a cold.
a bad cold.
a miserable cold.

yesterday, i was coming down with it.
today, i'm down with it
[& not in that "i'm cool wit dat" way;
in that "i'm down for the count" way.]

i loathe it even more than i loathe lance armstrong.
which is considerable, as i've forever considered lance armstrong
an egotistical asshole. & now, at last, i'm not alone.

regardless of how vindicated i'm feeling, however,
i'm still feeling crappy.

i've got an asshole cold.

i blame lance armstrong.

still, watching this 3 minutes + 19 seconds of
different, beautiful, vulnerable, confident, breathing, wonderful women
makes me feel just a smidge better.

that, & knowing the obama family
will knock lance armstrong totally off my tv screen
come monday.

happy friday, y'all.

image source: old-fashioned days.

1 comment:

Susan K. Morrow said...

Love the video and your sentiments about the news. I have only recognized recently that I have slain the dragon of "I'm not pretty". I am not sure when it happened, but that dude is dead and GONE.

BTW, I have been cleaning/clearing out and ran across a photo of us from the Statesman, when we were at a Freelance Austin meeting. We were SO YOUNG! --It wasn't very long ago...