Thursday, January 24, 2013

never mind.

gilda lives.
well, her name does, in madison, wisconsin.

last year, the madison chapter of gilda's club —
a community cancer support organization named to honor the memory of
comic actress & saturday night live legend gilda radner
announced it intended to change its name to
cancer support community southwest wisconsin [catchy, no?].

gilda's club was founded in 1991, two years following
radner's death from ovarian cancer.
in 2009, gilda's club worldwide merged with
the wellness community, another established cancer support group,
creating the cancer support community [csc].

following the merger, many local affiliates of both merging groups
adopted the csc moniker, but some kept their original names.
the madison gilda's club chapter had done so — until recently.

that delayed decision called attention to itself,
& sparked a brushfire of harsh criticism
from chapter members, other club leaders, radner fans
& even her widower, comedic actor gene wilder.

so last week, the madison chapter board voted to
retain the gilda's club name,
in apt tribute to the legacy of a woman who
faced cancer with compassion, dignity & humor.

viva gilda.

image source: nerdy chicks rule.

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