Wednesday, April 15, 2009

t-minus 23 days to freebies.

I'm rather a believer in "whatever you pay attention to grows," so I've deliberately tried not to focus my posts on America's current economic cluster-fest (not that I can inhibit the downward spiral single-handedly, but I figure every little bit helps).

But now, I'm gleeful to blog about something you'll be able to get absolutely *FREE* (for a limited time), and which I feel is even more relevant and necessary for women than ever, due to the skyrocketing stress afflicting American families today.

Here's the deal: Beginning May 8th — for 48 hours only, over Mother's Day weekend — Austin author and life coach (and my dear friend) Renée Trudeau will be offering her amazing and award-winning book, The Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal: How to Reclaim, Rejuvenate and Re-Balance Your Life, as a *FREE* download (a $20 value).

The book, which originally debuted two years ago, has helped thousands of women
— reconnect with who they are and nurture themselves,
— manage their energy and practice saying "no,"
— feel more peaceful and present, and
— tap into the transformative power of self-care.

The book is beautiful, practical and life-changing. Seriously. It will lift you up.

The *FREE* book download is part of the launch of Renée's intention to help women LIVE INSIDE OUT. Here's how she explains LIO:

More than ever, thousands of us are hitting the 'pause' button and reflecting on what’s really important in life. We’re realizing our external environment can change on a dime. And we’re seeing how essential it is that our actions, words, and thoughts align with our internal wisdom and core values.

I believe that our inner life should be as rich as our outer life. What would this look like for you? For many, this means:
  • living more intentionally;
  • living a life driven by your internal values, as opposed to external or societal values;
  • living from a place of peace, rather than a place of fear (and making decisions that are reflective of this); and
  • responding to circumstances, rather than reacting to them.

  • I encourage you to take part in our celebration and begin exploring ways you can approach your relationships, work and life — from the inside out.

    Renée will also be leading a *FREE* "sampler" one-hour Personal Renewal Group virtual living room gathering on June 11th, open to all (more about Personal Renewal Groups later; click here for more info or to sign up now).

    And I will be hosting a gleeful giveaway of LIVE INSIDE OUT tee shirts and bumper stickers over Mother's Day weekend, right here on my little old blog.

    Stay tuned for further details!!

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