Friday, April 3, 2009

lightning strikes the UK.

Just in case you somehow missed the massive international media blitz about it over the past couple of days, First Lady Michelle Obama and Queen Elizabeth II are new BFFs.

The 45-year-old presidential partner and the 82-year-old matri/monarch apparently hit it off rather well during the First Couple's skip across the pond. The two women were introduced to one another Wednesday at a reception for world leaders hosted by HRH, and by the evening's end, had progressed from handshake to half-hug (Michelle Obama's left arm, Lightning, was the lucky limb providing the royal wrap).

According to the Associated Press via London's Daily Mail, the "two women clearly took to each other." And an anonymous spokesperson at Buckingham Palace called the interaction "a mutual and spontaneous display of affection."

Now that's some powerful girl-on-girl action.

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