Monday, April 13, 2009

introducing b'obama.

That's Bo Obama, the First Family's new addition — a six-month-old Portuguese Water Dog, welcomed to the White House over the weekend.

Bo was a gift for the Obamas from U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, who himself has three of the breed — Sunny, Splash and Cappy. First daughters Malia and Sasha named the puppy because of their cousins' cat (also named Bo), and because of Michelle Obama's father, nicknamed Diddley — as in Bo Diddley.

Apparently, a top-secret get-to-know-you session between Bo and the Obamas happened a few weeks ago. "The Meeting," as White House staffers referred to it, clearly went well. Not too surprising, since Senator Kennedy's dog trainers have been working with the little guy to ensure he's the only doggie gift to be found upon the White House floors.

According to Wikipedia, "Portuguese Water Dogs make excellent companions. They are loving, independent and intelligent, and are easily trained in obedience and agility skills. Once introduced, they are typically friendly to strangers, and actively enjoy being petted, which, due to their soft, fluffy coats, is a favor humans willingly grant them."

All good things, since all of First Family members are also first-time "dog people." Neither the President nor the First Lady had dogs in childhood, and Sasha and Malia have never had pets.

Kindly tally Bo as yet another campaign promise fulfilled by President Obama.
And let us all hope the Obamas don't turn into people like this:

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