Thursday, April 9, 2009

kelly rae, possibilitarian.

Kelly Rae Roberts is a once-East-Coast-now-West-Coast artist and author whose work is meant to expresses connectedness, honesty, lightheartedness, tenderness, vitality, color, clarity, peace and a sense of limitlessness. Her blog is called Taking Flight into Art, Love & Life, for goodness' sake.

Kelly Rae came to my attention through her etsy shop, which features prints of her beautiful and inspirational mixed media artwork (and from which I bought Hope, above). According to KR, she has spent much of her life in the company of women, and her pieces grow out of the kindred support she has felt from many of them. Again, cool beans!

You can find Kelly Rae at her website, her blog, her etsy shop, her FaceBook page, her FaceBook fan page, and coming soon, in stores nationwide through licensing agreements which will put her art on cards, journals, magnets and much more.

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Stephanie said...

I have her artwork along my stairwell. Love her pieces. One of her statements in my particular piece says "don't be afraid to wear yellow shoes." I love this. The bravado. The gumption. The 'just-do-it' way of thinking is one of the values I hope to pass on to my kids. I was always too afraid to do what I felt like as an older child and teenager, and I hope that I can inspire my own kids to do what they feel - within reason, of course!