Friday, April 24, 2009

keeping the social-media party in check.

Feeling blogged down? FaceBook-planted? LinkedIn-out? Utterly Twitter-pated?
You're not alone.

Between the onslaught of new social media and ongoing coverage of it by the regular media, maybe you're feeling just a tad anti-social? Sadly, it looks like you may be able to avoid joining the party for only so long, as social media is quickly getting down to business.

Yes, blog posts and fan pages and tweets (oh, my!) are becoming the new gadgets in the business toolbox — and goodness knows, we can use all the bottom-line lifters we can get in today's gravity-prone economy.

But how to use social media to benefit your business effectively and — maybe more importantly — efficiently? Well, one good thing about new technologies is they can create new business opportunities.

Introducing my friend and fellow freelancer Amy Hufford of Stellar Communications. Amy, who loves and is way into emerging technologies (and especially conquering them), has just added a new offering to her menu of services: Social Media Planning.

For a flat fee, Amy will review your current online communications — your website + whatever social media you may already be dabbling in — then talk with you at length about what you're doing now, what you want to be doing, how much time you want to spend doing it and how you want it all to work together.

Finally, she'll put together a social-media strategy for you, complete with which social media you should be leveraging (and what's a waste of time/energy for your purposes), how much time you should be spending keeping up with it, content examples specific to your business, and best practices recommendations. Amy can also train you or your staff to execute your social-media plan.

Oh, and Amy's company name just happens to be a direct reflection of her work: stellar.

So, if you or your company is struggling with social media, visit Amy at her website or her LinkedIn page (and yes, you can find her at FaceBook & Twitter, too).

She Amy-zing.  ;D

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ahufford said...

I don't know why I didn't see this when you posted it, but I can't say thanks enough for your glowing recommendation. I think I need to print this out and put it on my wall! I am honored to be mentioned. Hugs!