Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a walk on the wild side.

this past weekend,
just before the arctic blast,
the girl & i walked
the beautiful hike-&-bike trail
at lovely lady bird lake.

& our wildlife
[& canine]
sightings were so very
amazing & plentiful,
we kept count.

[&, naturally, i left my camera at home.

135 extremely happy dogs,
walking, trotting, running, sniffing & smiling.

dozens of double-crested cormorants,
fishing & roosting.

11 squirrels,
scampering, scavenging & swishing their bushy tails.

9 monk parakeets,
snacking on the ground & sitting on a wire.

4 swans,
a-swimming & a-nibbling goldfish crackers.

2 white herons,
one big, one little, hanging shoreside.

1 great blue heron,
awing & surveying his aquatic turf.

1 white cockatoo,
perching atop a walker's shoulder.

2 grateful girls sharing
1 splendid afternoon.
[oh - that was us!!]

i just love living in austin.

image source: hipstercrite.

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