Friday, January 28, 2011

friday fave five.

here's a handful of my favorite things,
circa 1.2011 . . .

1. the book of awakening by mark nepo.
full disclosure: i read that oprah reads this every morning to help guide her meditation, & figured, hey, if it's inspiring for lady o, then it's worth a try for me. not that i meditate - i'm not that enlightened quite yet. but nepo's daily entries are like little spiritual confections you can chew on throughout your day.
loving yourself is like feeding a clear bird that no one else can see. you must be still & offer your palmful of secrets like delicate seed. as she eats your secrets, no longer secret, she glows & you lighten, & her voice, which only you can hear, is your voice bereft of plans. & the light through her body will bathe you until you wonder why the gems in your palm were ever fisted.

2. paul mitchell lavender mint moisturizing shampoo.
i heart lavender [the essential scent, not the floral wannabes], & am a longtime paul mitchell product user. this pricey but pacifying combo of lavender, mint & tea tree is a yummy way to begin the day.

3. karen drucker.
this songwriter/singer/chanter can be too woowoo for me, but some of her songs hit just the right note. let it shine, the power of women & three little words are some of my faves.
life is good . . . let it go . . . 
play full out . . . yes, i can . . . 
tell me more . . . i am blessed . . . 
be here now . . . i love you.

4. thanks-a-lot girl scout cookies.
despite their new eco-packaging, these cookies are pure evil. i'm fairly sure they contain some sort of highly addictive substance, like magical pixie sprinkles or crack. whichever, i've already gone through two packages almost on my own, & am running the other way from darling girls with card tables in order to avoid the third time "charm." yeah, thanks a lot, girls.

5. my brand-new iphone!
my husband & i were still using our matching nokia flip phones [with some sense of shame, sure] until this week . . . mine was being held together with a rubberband following a christmas-time tile-floor collision, & his finally, thankfully, gave up the ghost, giving us our excuse to move into the cellular 21st century. just getting to know all the good stuff i can do with my new toy, but already loving it. words with friends, anyone?

so, what are a few of your favorite things nowadays? do share!


ahufford said...

1. I ditto your thoughts on the iphone. It is a game changer.

2. I am also loving the fleece-lined boots I bought last year; we are about to need them again! My feet haven't been cold once this winter.

3. I went to see Byron Katie on Friday night, and I'm enjoying hearing her words in my head as I interact with people during the day.

4. Facebook hasn't worn on me; I love being connected to people who I wouldn't see otherwise.

5. My current favorite thing: change and new beginnings.

kriscard said...

fabu five, amy! byron katie ... wow. got one solid mantra you can share? i'm still loving fb, too. & as far as favorite current concepts, i think mine is hibernation! thank you for sharing, & keep yer boots on!!

ahufford said...

One of the really powerful things in Byron Katie's work is called the turnaround. You are really supposed to do a worksheet to run the whole process, but if you are in a situation often with a person and that person makes you upset, you turn around the statement in a few different ways to consider what might really be true in that situation. For example, if you say, "I hate how disrespectful my children are to me." You might try listening to this: "I hate how disrespectful I am to MYSELF." And, "I hate how disrespectful I am to MY CHILDREN." What rang true for a guy who was there on Friday night (who was called up on stage) was that HE was the one showing disrespect, and his son was only reacting to that. More info here: