Tuesday, January 25, 2011


a bright, cold late january tuesday.

i don't know for sure,
but if i had to hazard a guess,
i think just about now is when

the resolute hordes at the gym begin to thin,

the partyers among us figure just one more
cig or swig won't hurt,

the shopping sorts retrieve their charge cards
from the deep freeze for the boots
they can't stop thinking about [debt be damned], &

folks committed to spending more time
with family & friends remember
why they don't spend more time
with family & friends.

maybe the shininess of the new year
has dulled a tad for you, too?

let me humbly suggest some fellow bloggers
i'm finding fresh & inspirational lately ~

click through & renew!!

bits & pieces
this is the blog of celebrity scrapbooker [yes, virginia, there is such a creature] cathy zielske, but her posts are rarely about scrapbooking. cathy's a gifted designer & a talented writer, & she covers the ephemera of the everyday - from momming to weight loss to, yes, memory-capturing, plus a smattering of random sh*t - with authenticity & crack-me-up-on-a-regular-basis humour.
good post: move more eat less 2011...an invitation to you.

how about orange
i stumbled upon how about orange when some other blogs i love referred it as a blog they love, so i figured if i love them & they love it, then i should love it, too, yes [dang - did i just do algebra?]? & even though i'm not much of a crafter/diy-er, this is another humourous-designer blog -which features creative tutorials, free downloads, useful resources & fun time-wasters - i've been digging.
good post: quiz...what's your design style?

a self-described "new home for the hearts of women," this is an online community of christian women i find more women-centric than heavy-duty christian. some posts are too god-y or organized-religionish for me, but many posts are simply - or deeply - spiritual, & often thought-provoking or perspective-changing.
good post: winter wonder.

the journey
renée trudeau is a personal friend, an amazing woman, a wellspring of inspiration & a guiding light in my life & the lives of many, many women worldwide. this is her blog, based upon the revolutionary concept of self-care for mothers, which she dove into in her awesome book, the mother's guide to self-renewal. renée's weekly posts are consistently effective reminders of the necessity of feeding of our bodies, minds, hearts & spirits.
good post: i love my body.

ordinary courage
this is the blog of brené brown, a texas mom, researcher, writer, speaker & activist who professionally studies & personally explores huge life stuff - like authenticity, courage, shame, fear, love, belonging & living with a whole heart. the fact that she can be a wonky scientist of some kind of woowoo subjects & still be a concrete, conversational & yes, witty [sensing a theme yet?] writer means her blog makes me think & reflect & laugh.
good post: contributions, criticisms & courage.

simple mom
simple mom [life hacks for home managers] is the brainchild of tsh oxenreider [not a typo], & it's the bomb. from intentional living to feeding your family to your marriage to taking care of yourself [& beyond], tsh & her cadre of contributors span the spectrum for us mom 2.0ers. & this bomb has exploded into several spinoff blogs, too, covering kids, bites, organic & homeschool.
good post: the truth no one admits about new year’s resolutions.

young house love
meet the petersiks, a darling young couple with a passion for home design & diy projects. i'm not a big fan of tv home-reno shows, yet i've become strangely addicted to the yhl blog. i just love their decor style, their writing style, the plethora of before/during/after photos & videos, & their budget-consciousness . . . john & sherry actually make me believe i can do home-improvement projects my own self. & their baby, clara, & chihuahua, burger, are darling little bonuses [bonusi?].
good post: glad that's out of the way.

so, whereabouts out in the blogosphere
do you wander for giggles, notions, etc.?

image source: fake ginger.


Susan K. Morrow said...

Great. So now all I do is read other people's blogs. Thanks.

Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Aw thanks so much for the shout out! Glad you're enjoying our blog. We'll definitely drop in on you to see what you're up to.

s & j (and the bonusi baby & dog)

kriscard said...

You're quite welcome, Sherry . . . keep up the good work, & I can't wait to see Karl!! :)

kriscard said...

& SuzyCute . . . you should just read your own wonderful blog -- it's plenty inspirational! oh, & please keep reading & commenting here, too! :)