Tuesday, January 4, 2011

celebrate the everyday - january.

it's january, 2011. how will you celebrate being a woman?

january 5bird day
nest. sing. soar. inspire.

january 6epiphany
celebrate your humanness with an aha! moment.

january 10clean off your desk day
ooooo, i've already begun this one.

january 16nothing day
nuff said.

january 19full moon [wolf moon]
howl with your pack.

january 23national pie day
mmmmm. pie.

january 24national compliment day
give five today.

january 28fun at work day
yes, you can!

remember, where there is connection, there is power.
where there is power, there is hope for change.
for ourselves & for our world.
we are all connected. we are all powerful.

until my next post,
be well, be happy & be hopeful.

image source: marie callender's.

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