Tuesday, January 18, 2011

tuesday morning.

ok, full disclosure:

i spent the morning,
this 18th morning of january,
packing up the ornaments
& taking down the tree.

& it is ok.

it is ok to let your lights linger.

it is ok to extend your holiday
so christmas is the pinnacle,
with a blizzard of activity before
& a gently drifting quietude after.
some mild overdoing prior to
& some severe underdoing following.

it is ok for your personal new year
to begin whenever you feel ready for it.

it is ok not to feel ready for another
epic ramp-up with just a week of down-time.

it is ok to take a break.

it is ok to rest.

it is ok to go slow.

no one, contrary to popular belief,
is scoring you on what day your
christmas-tree carcass hits the curb.

[however, i confess i feel relieved at
having to transfer our prelit plastic pine
only out to the garage this evening.]

it is ok - no, it is wonderful
to listen to yourself & to the universe
& move forward at your own pace,
the speed you need.

the speed you need
to feed your soul.

so, what speed do you need here & now?
& what speed are you at today?

image source: me + zilker xmas tree, 12.2010.


Diana said...

Awesome post! The speed I need. That will stick in my head and it's great advice. Today's speed is only first gear, and I'm enjoying it.

kriscard said...

good for you ... i'm happy it hit home for someone else, since it was really a reminder for myself!! ;)