Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hello, 2011.

oh, for fun - it's the oh-one-one!!

i don't know what it is today.

maybe it's because it's bird day,
& i'm all about birds lately.

{especially loving snow & graham's
"tweets" design line, featured above.}

maybe it's because we've returned to our daily routine,
& i love me a solid routine.

{especially if it involves some "me" time.}

maybe it's because we're at the cusp of epiphany,
& i'm feeling ready for some wondrous aha! moments.

but whatever it is, i'm just now
feeling the new year.

feeling into it.
feeling up for it.
feeling the new-year love.

so . . .
hello, 2011.

hello, midweek.

hello, sunshine.

hello, physical & financial health.

hello, blogging & working abundance.

hello, scrapbooking & homemaking creativity.

hello, inspiration.

hello, flow.

hello, soar.

hello, blessings.

hello, imperfection.

hello, aha! moments.

hello, clarity.

hello, acceptance.

hello, gratitude.

hello, love.

hello, gorgeous.

hello, kind readers.

i'm so happy you're here. now. with me
for all the fun in the oh-one-one.

hello, new year.
bring it.

{p.s. somebody please remind me to re-read this post
when i'm all blue-valentiney come mid-february.}

image source: snow & graham.

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