Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday thoughts.

today, i'm thinking about . . .

. . . running away from home - just temporarily, like a long weekend. lately, i've often been overcome with the overwhelming urge to get away on my own. deeply craving alone time & ocean, bigtime.

. . . why i chose to eat two servings of dark-chocolate-flavor almonds last night even though i had already passed my ww daily points limit.

. . . money, & how out-of-control mine is - not lacking it, just not knowing exactly where i am with mine.

. . . my birthmom, whose three-year death anniversary is a week from tomorrow.

. . . whether to try to fb-friend my birthmom's husband, with whom i've shared a rather contentious relationship.

. . . my dear friend irmtraud, whose one-year death anniversary is sunday.

. . . my little boy, who will turn eight sunday. he is so, so sweet & goofy & darling, i just wish i could bottle him up & keep him as is. i love his lisp & his utter hilarity. recent interaction:
lb: mom, look, i'm the spanx!
me: what?
lb: look, i'm the spanx!
me: you're the what?
lb: the spanx!
me: the spanx?
lb: yeah, the spanx - like in egypt!
me: ohhhh - you're the sphinx?
lb: yeah!

. . . launching a mother-daughter journal with my big girl, & wondering whether she'll go for it.

. . . how to tactfully broach some of the little [rather gross] things my husband does that are making me utterly insane lately. why is it i've been fine putting up with some such habits for almost twenty years, but now all of a sudden i can't stand them?

. . . whether i'm just slave to my wacky hormones lately, or i've got something else happening [midlife malaise, mild depression, other?].

. . . why i find it so damn challenging to make time for what really fills my cup [creating, reading, journaling & yes, blogging].

. . . whether my blog is really being what i want it to be, doing what i want it to do, & also, what exactly those things are.

. . . my two dear friends who are both undergoing minor surgery today, & wishing them well.

. . . how happy i am none of our fam has gotten the flu [no jinx!].

. . . what to do in our master bedroom to freshen it up a little - new linens? curtains? artwork change?

. . . springtime & sunshine, & hoping both show up sooner rather than later.

so, what are you thinking about today?
& if you've got thoughts about what' i'm thinking about,
then please feel free to share!

image source: real simple.

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