Tuesday, February 15, 2011

celebrate the everyday - february.

good golly.

here we are, mid-month,
& i've yet to properly welcome february,
the longest shortest month of the year.

ah, february, when . . .

. . . the city of st. louis was established [1764]. meet me there, louie!

. . . levi strauss was born [1829]. with good genes.

. . . the battle of the alamo began [1836]. remember?

. . . the first adhesive postage stamps were introduced [1842]. glue, be gone!

. . . george washington gale ferris, jr., inventor of the ferris wheel,
was born [1859]. wheeeee!

. . . outdoorsman l.l. bean was born [1873]. for real!

. . . zeppo marx was born [1901]. with the name herbert.

. . . aviator charles lindbergh was born [1902]. lucky!

. . . the u.s. supreme court upheld the 19th amendment, which guarantees
the right of women to vote [1922]. um, yeah.

. . . the tomb of egyptian king tutankhamen was unsealed [1923].
spooky cool.

. . . lisa marie presley was born [1968]. unh-hunh-hunh.

. . . the beatles' album hey, jude was released [1970]. yay!

image source: irene suchocki/isphotography @ etsy.com.


Susan K. Morrow said...

As a Beatle-file, I have to point out that "Hey, Jude" was not an actual album. Well, it was, just not one that the Beatles put together. It was comprised of a number of singles and lost bits that had not appeared on any American-release album to date. "To date" being until they pretty much split the sheets. Anyway, I have always liked this album, because--well, I didn't have those songs anywhere else. Pull it up on iTunes and check it out. It's good!

kriscard said...

thank you, suzi-cute, for the clarification. i'd not known of a beatles album called "hey, jude," but got the info from a reliable source ... your schooling puts all the pieces together! thanks again, teach! :)