Wednesday, February 16, 2011

happiness is a tackling puppy.

or 43 of them.

or a squad of cheerleading chickens.

or an itty-bitty blimp commandeered by hamsters.

or a disco kitten half-time show.

what? you've never seen the puppy bowl?

well, sadly, you missed this year's opportunity
just ten days ago . . .

maybe you were distracted by christina aguilera's
flubbed anthem lyrics
or the black-eyed peas' preview of
'tron, the musical,'
or the hilarious commercials
or the lame commercials
or the cheeseheads losing their minds.

regardless, if you missed
animal planet's puppy bowl vii,
then you missed a good [dog] game.

we watch it live & record it
for future viewings at our house.

my favorite feature is the water-bowl-cam.
cracks me up. every. single. time.

it's amazing how absolutely entertaining
it can be to watch a faux field full of puppies
just be puppies.

& this guy has the best job ever.

well, except for the "foul on the field"
doodie-pickup duty.

but otherwise, he gets to make calls like
excessive cuteness on the field
illegal napping on the field &
unpuppylike conduct
[though i'm never quite sure what
that really entails], &
of course, touchdown!!

puppy bowl vii's mvp, c.b.
[cute boy? canine ballplayer?
charlie brown? citizen band?]
seems wistful with his win,

& frankly, we're feeling wistful, too,
with the realization we've got
a whole year to wait until
puppy bowl rolls around again.

happily, one can procure
dvd versions of
puppy bowls ii, iii, v, vi & vii

[why not i & iv, i don't know]
to help you hold on until the
puppies bowl us over again next year.

image source: animal planet.

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