Monday, February 7, 2011

hibernating through rodent week.

so i've been hibernating
for the past week.

not literally -
though i readily confess, burrowing
under the covers & napping through
the frigid weather we've been experiencing
is mightily tempting.

but i have been staying home,
resting, nesting & keeping
the home fires burning
[& faucets dripping]
while the wind has been whipping,
the clouds have been glowering
& the blackouts have been rolling
across the state.

i pitied the poor groundhogs
around the country who were forced
from their cozy holes just to
tell us what we wanted to hear.

an early spring?
i'll believe it when i see it.

& i celebrated the chinese new year
by wearing red polar fleece
[also good for loving valentines
& promoting women's heart health].

it's the year of the rabbit,
purported to be a peaceful respite of a year,
sandwiched between tiger & dragon,
presumably years of change & unrest.

i, for one, am looking forward to
a happy, hoppy 2011.

& what better way to begin it
than by honoring nature's call
[or order, as the weather might dictate]
to go within, nurture your core
& prepare for a sprout-ful springtime?

soldier on out in the elements,
if that's your cup of tea.

mine is a steamy chai latte with soy,
which i'll be lingering over with
the bunny & the groundhog
here in our warm, humble digs
for just a little while longer.

image source: movie mobsters.

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