Tuesday, November 9, 2010

pink prevention.

a final think pink entry:
from dr. oz's ultimate guide
to preventing breast cancer.

1. get a routine mammogram.
pay no attention to the media debate;
studies show mammograms reduce breast-cancer
death rates by an average of 30%.

2. eat for breast health.
foods proven to help protect you from breast cancer
include green tea, olive oil, garlic,
cruciferous veggies, seaweed & tumeric.

3. get your d on.
ample vitamin d can help reduce breast-cancer
risk by half. eat salmon, sardines & dairy,
& soak up 15-20 minutes of sunshine daily.

4. fight inflammation.
take two aspirin or ibuprofen a week
to reduce your risk of breast cancer by about 25%.

image source: belladerm medspa


Diana said...

Good stuff. Worth reminding people.

kriscard said...

thanks, di. gotta love dr. oz - he's really got a gift for making it manageable. :)