Monday, November 15, 2010

top ten gratitudes.

monday morning
ten days 'til thanksgiving
perfect opportunity to share gratitudes.

1. despite ridge-y fingernails,
wacky hormones & other
signposts of aging,
my good health.

2. lavender essential oil.

3. rolling cold fronts.

4. a little autumn color here & there.

5. a clean[ish] house.

6. almost all laundry folded & put away
[for about ten minutes].

7. christmas music [i know, i know, too early.
but it makes me happy!].

8. good stuff coming in the mail.

9. an approaching girlfriend weekend. woot!

10. my kids arguing over who gets to snuggle with me.

so, what are you feeling the love for today??

image source: felt shmelt @ etsy

1 comment:

Susan K. Morrow said...

I also love Christmas music way too early. I have to sneak it because the young-un doesn't like it, but it's worth it!