Sunday, November 7, 2010

we can walk. & we did.

we walked for the cure
& against breast cancer

the komen race for the cure
works rather hard to feel like a party.
& part of it is a well-deserved
celebration for survivors.

& it was fun to be one wave
among a sea of pink,
flowing between shores of
cheerleaders & water-offerers & mascots.

but part of it is a well-deserved
memorial for the ones who didn't survive.

& it was touching & wrenching to see the
"i walk in memory of" signs
safety-pinned to so, so many t-shirts.

a man walking in memory of his wife.

a group where every member
was wearing three or four signs.

a young mother with kids alongside,
wearing the bright pink tee
that indicates she herself is
a survivor, with a sign on her back
that reads "mom."

our whole little family walked
with my jazzercise team.
lucky 13 of us in all,
including 2 longtime survivors,
& 1 fresh from chemo,
beginning six weeks of radiation
tomorrow morning.

& we missed our fellow jazzerciser
& dear friend irmtraud,
& talked about her fierce will to live
& how she fought tooth & nail
to the very, very end last february.

& my kids walked beside me,
one holding each hand,
for much of the 3.1 miles.

& i felt proud.
& i felt joyful.
& i felt mournful.
& i felt worried.
& i felt blessed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

a huge shout-out to
my amazingly generous family & friends,
who gave $600 to support me & the cause.
above & beyond, as ever.
thank you.

image source: rosi & grace, our oak hill jazzercise team - via me.


Anonymous said...

More tears...your words are so touching. I'm so glad we did this!

kriscard said...

i heart you!! :)