Monday, November 29, 2010

turkey-day traditions.

thanksgiving is my husband's favorite holiday.
why? because we spend it
in a pocket of just us
here at home.

no extended family.
no extensive expenditures.
just us.

the morning consists of
sleeping late,
watching the [dvr'd] macy's parade,
& eating whataburger taquitos.

during the afternoon,
i concoct some microcosm of most folks'
thanksgiving day feast:
this time around,
a turkey roast,
smashed sweet potato bake,
green beans with walnuts,
pillsbury biscuits.

marie callendar's provided
the pecan pie for hank & me,
a slice of pumpkin for the big girl,
a slice of apple for the little boy.

a cold snap blew through,
so by evening, it really felt like
the holiday season had begun.

we watched the 1994 remake of
miracle on 34th street, which
we hadn't realized was produced & written by
the late, great john hughes.
i love the 1947 original, but
this version is also good
all on its own.

just fyi,
this house believes.

so bring on the jingling.
ring-ting-tingling, too.

our holiday tunes are cued up &
we're ready.

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