Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sunshine happy dance flowers.

oh, people of japan. how you love to create fake things that behave like real things, only plastic-ier.

and, occasionally, irresistible.

just discovered these happy, dancing & oh-so-plastic solar-powered flowers.

googling around, it looks like maybe
flip flap was the original. but i found them [& yes, acquired some] at solarflower.us.

just try to watch them dance for a half-minute & not smile.

so this clearly doesn't qualify as something green for earth week ... but it is solar-powered!

ok, & i'm going to acquire some
topsy turvy planters as well, to introduce our family to homegrown produce [the tv way, i realize, but hey - we black thumbs must ease into these things!].

image source: ebay.com

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