Wednesday, April 21, 2010

envirosax - beauty in the bag.

you might not remember, but i sure do - last year's earth day had me lamenting that i was still consuming plastic grocery bags even though i knew better & had known better for a while.

no more.

finally, around autumn, i found the reusable bags i knew i needed to make the change.

big. beautiful. bold. botanical.

hello, envirosax.

the choices are myriad.
13 different 5-bag graphic sets [i got 'botanical' & 'mikado', & gave a few to friends as holiday gifts].

organic options - bamboo, cotton, hemp, linen.

9 different quirky kid designs.

+ 20 solids for the more conservative consumer, water bottles & shower timers.

i surprisingly almost never forget these lovelies out in the car - maybe because i get compliments on them almost every time i use them.

& bonus x2 - they hold a ton, so fewer trips to & from the car once i get home. & even packed full & heavy, the broad, strong straps mean they're easy & comfortable to tote.

envirosax have made the difference for me.
now i'm the one making the difference.


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Susan K. Morrow said...

Nobody complains about this but me, but I refuse to consider that I might be crazy. I tried using re-usable bags at the grocery store, but, despite my pleas, the bagger always put too much in them. Unlike you, I'd rather make more trips from car to house and actually be able to lift the bags. I'll go greener if HEB will figure out that I don't want 25-pound bags!