Wednesday, April 7, 2010

odds & ends.

i like april.
it holds the heart of springtime, &
offers a slower pace than its sisters, march & may.

today, i'm all about our neighbor's wildly blooming yellow climber & our texas-sized windchimes.

i'm inspired by ingrid michaelson & lisa leonard.

i'm way into peanut butter on fuji apples & glee on oprah.

i'm happy i worked out this morning.

i'm still struggling with staying in to work this afternoon.

daughter's standardized testing is over [for now].

son is loving the new study-space-in-progress [especially his spinny chair].

a little cool front finally blew through.

goodbye, humidity. hello, sunshine.

april in paris holds no mystery for me.


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Diana said...

Yes, there are many things for which we can be thankful this April. But I wouldn't turn DOWN a trip to Paris!