Sunday, April 18, 2010

little boy's note for a traveling dad.

little boy woke me up bright & early yesterday morning with a note he had written for his daddy [who had been gone all of 13 hours of a 48-hour tour].

it reads:

Dear Dad
I love you
I can't wate
Intil you
come Back
I can't
wate intil

signed with a small colored-pencil drawing of sister as a crab.

sometimes, i wish i traveled more, so i could get love notes like that.
well, at least i wasn't the crabby one [this time]. :)

image source: comic book resources


Diana said...

OMG - what a hoot. Seriously. Other than our 8 hours of visit, we're on day 15 without Daddy. It sucks. All the way around. But kids are resilient and adorable - Will's note is priceless. Hank will love coming home to that!

Susan K. Morrow said...

How precious! And I love that he called Rachel "sister"--how Southern!--and used the word "crabby". What a great kid!