Thursday, April 22, 2010

healthy children, healthy world.

happy 40th birthday, earth day!!

yes, earth day has been around since 1970. but despite our hybrids & our single-stream recycling bins & our solar-powered rechargers, earth day isn't really about us mid-lifers.

it's about our kids.

for while we all want a cleaner, greener place to live now, what we're really working for is a better future for our planet & the people who will live on it then. our children.

healthy child healthy world definitely shares this goal, but comes at it a little differently.

hchw's angle is, if we don't get green now, then our children might not live to enjoy that improved future.

healthy child healthy world is a nonprofit organization inspiring grownups to create healthy environments for families.

according to hchw, over 125 million americans - especially the young ones - are experiencing a historic high in chronic diseases like cancer, autism, adhd, asthma, birth defects, & developmental/learning disabilities.

and scientific evidence indicates environmental hazards & household chemicals may well be causing & contributing to this tragically unwell trend.

so healthy child healthy world educates parents, supports protective policies, & engages communities to make responsible decisions, simple everyday choices, & smart lifestyle improvements.

for healthier children. & a healthier world.

for my family, i'm undertaking hchw's 5 easy steps, with the goal of completing them all by next april 22nd.

and i'll be using hchw's impressive shopping lists of healthy, safe, nontoxic, green products & services - from clothing to groceries to pesticides - to become a more conscious consumer.

so, what are you willing to do to help health-ify your kids & the world over the next year?? please share.

and have a great earth day. :)

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