Thursday, October 30, 2008

what did you give today?

Welcome to Day 1 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge [click here to read all about it]!!

I'm all about holidays and traditions, so since it's the day before Hallowe'en, I put together some little spook-alicious surprises in my kids' gift bins (I reuse these pink and blue foam containers throughout the year to hold treats for special occasions, like the first day of summer vacation, the first day of school, awesome report cards, etc.) - a book for mood evocation, some stickers for dressup decoration, a packet of orange cocoa for post-trick-or-treating reflection, and a baggie of chocolate "eyeballs" just for the bonus sugar.

I'm also going to give them both showers tonight, so they're clean and shiny going into tomorrow's stick-fest!!

Day 1: Hallowe'en Eve treats for my little tricksters.

So, what did you give today? Please share! :)


One Woman said...

what a fun idea!!!

i gave my daughter a homemade (sewn) halloween costume -- little bo peep.

iggee said...

The road to my son's elementary is packed with cars in the morning, and the people that live on the street often have a hard time backing out of their driveways. Amazed at the discourtesy of the parents, I made a conscious effort to hold up the line so someone could back out this morning. She had already been waiting for several minutes just to leave her driveway, and no one would let her in!