Thursday, October 9, 2008

nice girl.

OK, this time, the girl really is nice - just one girl, but she seems very, very nice.

Her name is Melissa Morris Ivone, and she's a graphic designer/crafter/blogger extraordinaire from New Jersey. She's got a minimum of four websites currently up and running (I'm exhausted and arthritic just thinking about it), but the one that captured my attention is Operation NICE.

Melissa created Operation NICE July 15th (just four days before my birthday! irrelevant ... ) to remind folks that a little nice goes a long way. Essentially, Operation NICE urges people to be proactively, well, nice. The website features NICE testimonials, NICE stuff (like the tee Melissa's wearing above, as well as NICE downloads she designed, like gratitude notes, postcards and signage), and NICE assignments ("consider volunteering," "thank someone," "relax!"), among other niceties.

Visit this connoisseuse of congeniality ... then go out into the world and BE NICE. :)

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