Tuesday, October 28, 2008

two days from today.

Two days from today - October 30th - I launch my 29-Day Giving Challenge.

Click here to read my original post about this great idea . . . and join me in a 29-day give, beginning this Thursday and ending the day before Thanksgiving (Wednesday, November 26th)! We're going to give a little every day to make a big difference in the world.

C'mon - give it up! :)


One Woman said...

okay, i'm in on this too! you've inspired me.


Diana said...

Thanks for letting me know about it. I was explaining the 29-day challenge to Kallie today at breakfast and she immediately said, "we can give a coat to the coats for kids bin at school for kids who don't have coats -- I have a coat we could give away." And so we did. I am so proud of her - that she jumped right in and thought of some way to participate. That's the message, isn't it -- to share, and to share the spirit of sharing with others, too. It's gonna be a good day.