Thursday, October 16, 2008

ask & you will receive [sometimes].

At the other end of the spectrum from the 29-Day Giving Challenge, we find The Daily Asker - a woman calling herself "LaRoxy" who's trying to ask for something every day for a year.

Initially, it might sound a little selfish. But the fact is, women tend to not ask or negotiate for good things - even when they deserve them, like a well-earned promotion or raise.

LaRoxy's yearlong project was apparently prompted by the book Women Don't Ask, about how women's reluctance to negotiate costs every one of us millions of dollars over our lifetime.

Discounts. Perks. 2 for 1. Application of an expired coupon. Lower interest rate. Food prepared the way it was ordered. Just imagine how lovely life could be if only we asked a little more often for what we really want!!

According to LaRoxy, the point of her asking experiment is not to get free stuff, but "to simplify my life by and boost my financial situation by asking ... to try to benefit from the type of situation where 'it can't hurt to ask' ... to begin thinking about asking in the first place ... to become a better asker over time: identify opportunities, identify my needs and desires, develop strategies, maximize savings and earnings. The point is to use asking as a springboard for becoming a negotiator who can be cutthroat or cajoling, as necessary."

Today is Day 108, and just this month, she's asked a police officer for a ride on his Segway (uh, no), a coffee shop worker for free cookies (sure), and a bank agent to help fix her credit report (still waiting for results). She also put a posting up on Craig's List in four of America's biggest cities asking whether anyone will let her name their baby (with their consultation, of course); no takers yet, but one Chicagoan did let LaRoxy name her kitten (Daffodil).

I, for one, am inspired by LaRoxy's endeavor. More often than I care to confess, I settle for what's offered to me because I'm too inhibited to ask for more.

So I just asked my husband to pick up supper for the kids on his way home tonight ... what will you ask for today??

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Susan K. Morrow said...

Very interesting! This goes hand-in-hand with what I teach, to receive. So often women not only do not ask, but we also do not accept or receive what is offered, from compliments to love and everything in between. We are especially weak in receiving from ourselves! I get LaRoxy's point and I applaud her efforts.