Saturday, November 1, 2008

what I gave today two-fer.

Day 2: My inhibitions for my family and neighbors' amusement. :D

Our family has coordinated Hallowe'en costumes for four years - we went as Wizard of Oz characters one year ... well, actually, we tried; my son was just about 18 months, and absolutely hated his Lion costume ... but we really earned a reputation around the 'hood three years ago, when we went as The Incredibles (seriously, people still talk about it). Then, last year, the kids had individual ideas about what they wanted to dress up as, so we coordinated along boy/girl lines - mother and daughter were woodland fairies, father and son were dalmatians.

Same deal this year - daughter wanted to be a "glamour" (sequined and fringed) cowgirl, and son wanted to be something yellow (he picked Pikachu over a banana), so ... while my husband got to be Ash Ketchum, Pokemon trainer, I was a Hallowe'en Holstein, complete with udder front-and-center (well, a little lower than center, really ... but hey - I'm not as young as I used to be!). I totally owned it, if I do say so myself, and enjoyed an udder-ly fun Hallowe'en evening!!

Day 3: Some time alone together for my daughter & her daddy.

We all went to Zilker Park today to feed goldfish (crackers) to the fish, count the turtles and seek swan sightings. Then, my sweet husband let me run around Ladybird Lake while he and the kids went to the playscape. While we were talking about our plans for the rest of the afternoon, I invited the kids to go with me to Target while hubby got a little alone time to go for a walk close to home. The girl said she wanted to go walking with Daddy "like we used to do;" but of course, as soon as she said it, little brother said he wanted to tag along (even though he'd been whining for an hour about how his legs hurt and he was tired). Since this now sounds like the least-relaxing walk ever, both parents begin shutting down the idea altogether. The girl is visibly crushed. So, thinking quickly, I offer little brother a bribe to accompany me to Target ... he accepts and everybody gets what they want - especially the kids, who spent the evening watching the new TinkerBell DVD. :)

So, what were your Day 2 & 3 gives? Please share!

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SCG said...

Kristen: your costume is one heck of a Heifer! Hope you guys had a blast on Halloween.